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Certainly one of 3 volumes which jointly hide all suggested solubility information for an enormous pharmaceutical classification: the sulfonamides. a data of solubility facts is priceless in all pharmaceutical learn. released solubility information for the identify compounds were compiled and seriously evaluated, leading to prompt solubility values which working towards scientists may well use with self assurance. each one quantity comprises structural formulae and molecular weight information for the compounds coated, comfortably grouped jointly

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Bratton, A. ; J. 2. Biol. Havemann, R. 1940, p. Marshall, Ε. K. Chem. 503. 1939, Klin. 128, 537. Wochenschr. 29 COMPONENTS : (1) ORIGINAL MEASUREMENTS: Benzenesulfonamide, 4-amino-N-2- Neish, W. pyridinyl- 1948, C H N 11 11 3°2 (2) Water; (sulfapyridine); S; H 20 ; J. 67, Reo. P. trav. ohim. 361-71. [144-83-2] [7732-18-5] VARIABLES : PREPARED BY: One temperature: 37°C R. 48 χ 1 0 ~ mol dm 3 , compiler ) . AUXILIARY INFORMATION METHOD/APPARATUS/PROCEDURE : A suspension of sulfapyridine SOURCE AND PURITY OF MATERIALS: (10 mg/5 ml) in water was kept for 5 h at 37°C and 1 h at room temp before fitration.

293 3. 7 0. 12 773 39 20 0. 377 3. 9 0. 71 726 21 30 0. 488 4. 2 0. 56 672 04 40 0. 581 4. 5 0. 51 50 0. 655 4. 54 604 24 a G = Ε = e 100 , Ρ -• Ρ Ρ where ρ and Ρ are the weights of solute and solution, resp. G 100 G + 100 g/1 acetone; should be mmol/1 acetone g of acetone required to dissolve 1 g of solute; (compiler); ^ volume (cm^) of acetone required to dissolve 1 g of solute. AUXILIARY METHOD/APPARATUS/PROCEDURE : INFORMATION SOURCE AND PURITY OF MATERIALS: A special all-glass app was contructed ena- The source of the materials was not speci- bling the prepn of satd soins, agitation by fied.

Acta 1942, 25, 753. ; 2, 1946, Leya, Expevientia S. 459-60. [50-99-7] [7732-18-5] VARIABLES : PREPARED One temperature: EXPERIMENTAL MEASUREMENTS: BY: 18-19°C R. 2 χ 10~ 4 - 3 mol d m , ( 18-19°C ) is 30 mg% compiler ) . AUXILIARY METHOD/APPARATUS/PROCEDURE : After standing for more than two days the INFORMATION SOURCE AND PURITY OF MATERIALS: Nothing specified. soin of 4-amino-N-4-[(aminosulfonyl)phenyl]benzenesulfonamide was filtered and the sulfonamide was assayed in the filtrate colorimetrically by the method of Druey and Oesterheld (1).

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