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By D. Allan Bromley (auth.)

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In this remarkable journey d'horizon, D. Allan Bromley makes use of the celebration of the centenary of the yank actual Society to mirror upon the expansion of physics over the last a hundred years, its fragmentation into quite a few subdisciplines, the effect physics has had upon sleek know-how, and the re-emergence of the basic team spirit of the self-discipline in recent times. enormous quantities of old illustrations accompany the textual content. Bromley conveys a lot of the buzz and sweetness that learn in physics generated within the twentieth century and asks what new issues are in shop within the subsequent century. He covers such themes as relativity and quantum mechanics, the big apple venture, superconductivity, transistors and the revolution led to by way of solid-state electronics, protein folding, the makes use of of nuclear and atomic physics in biology and drugs, plate tectonics, the growth of the universe and the large Bang, and gravitational radiation. Bromley, the Sterling Professor of the Sciences and Dean of Yale collage, served as Assistant to the President for technological know-how and know-how coverage 1989-1993 and used to be president of the yankee actual Society in 1997. one of many World's top nuclear scientists, he used to be founder and director of Yale's nuclear constitution laboratory and has acquired a number of medals and awards, together with the nationwide Medal of Science.

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FIGURE 51 From the left: Stanislaw Ulam, Richard Phillips Feynman (1965), and John von Neumann discussing the future of computing at Los Alamos in 1947. ) FIGURE 52 The ENIAC computer at the University of Pennsylvania in 1946. A chance meeting between John von Neumann and Konrad Zuse of Germany led to von Neumann's establishment of a group at the University of Pennsylvania charged with creating the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer). The ENIAC was designed by J. Prosper Eckert and John Mauchly.

On the left of the flow is laminar and on the right, turbulent. The middle panel shows some of the intricate structure in the intermediate scale. ) FIGURE 48 FIGURE 49 An illustration of the Lorentz attractor for a dynamical system. The phase point over time traces out this characteristic "owl mask" but without ever closing. The Lorentz attractor has become something of an emblem for chaotic systems. ) 45 46 AN HISTORICAL OVERVIEW, 1900-1949 nonlinearity that evolved from Lorentz's work marks one of the major achievements in twentieth-century physics.

Figure 59 shows the transition state structure at different chlorine to carbon distances for the reaction Cl- + CH 3 CI ~ CICH 3 + Cl- calculated using the Gaussian 80 program. The structure and charges thus obtained were used to calculate the effect of hydration by umbrella sampling and free energy perturbation methods in a Monte Carlo calculation. Each structure is surrounded by a grid representing the electrostatic potential and an isoelectronic surface colored according to the electrostatic potential.

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