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By D. N. Mavris, D. A. DeLaurentis

Airplane layout three (2000) seventy nine - one zero one

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71m) Max cruising speed: 189mph (304km/h) Accommodation: Pilot plus three passengers First aircraft flown: 1 November 1971 (M-5) Production: In excess of 1,800 of all variants have been built Similar variants: The M-5 lunar Rocket has larger tail surfaces and increased flap area. The five-seat M-6 Super Rocket was introduced in 1984. 26m) five-seater with either 235hp (175kW) Textron Lycoming 0-540J1A5D or 10-540-W1A5D engine. 2kW) Allison 250-B17C turboprop and Edo 2500 amphibious floats; MXT-7-180 - new version with tricycle undercarriage.

Very small ventral strake. Twin side windows. Tapered tailplane set half-way up the fin. 9kW) engine; 114A - gran turismo model; 1148 - with new McCauley propeller, smaller alf Intakes and 10-540-T4B50 engine. 114AT _ advanced Trainer, for primary training; 114TC is a turbocharged version. Above: Rockwell Commander 114. PRM Left: Rockwell Commander 1128. 33m) Max cruising speed: 100mph (161 km/h) Accommodation: Single-seat First aircraft flown: 1951 Production: Rollason - 29; Stark - 35; also many homebuilt examples .

281~C~-=-W:it~h~ - - - - - _..... 28F-P Sentinel - the police variant. 80m) Hughes 269C. PRMIDJM Max cruising speed: 99mph (1 S9km/h) Accommodation: Pilot plus two passengers; two seats in TH-55A First aircraft flown: October 1956 (269); 1964 (300); June 1984 (300C) Production: Hughes 269A - 1,200; 300C - production continues Recognition: 'Wasp eye' glazed cabin with oval side doors. Exposed engine at lower rear of cabin. Twin skid undercarriage. Three-bladed main rotor on short main shaft. Thin tube rear fuselage with ventral brace.

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