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By Elna K. Solvang

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Archaeological discoveries have more and more delivered to mild proof of women's involvement within the royal homes of the traditional close to East, but such facts has now not essentially altered the belief of monarchy as an completely male-gendered theological, political, and social establishment. Solvang's research assembles the proof looking for an built-in view of royal women's place and gear in severe features of monarchy, hard frequent assumptions approximately women's position within the royal harem. The historic info serves as a backdrop for a literary examining of biblical texts describing the royal condominium of Judah. recognition is given to 3 ladies representing diverse royal positions: Michal (daughter), Bathsheba (queen mother), and Athaliah (queen and monarch).

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The implications of this failed marriage went far deeper than the question of division of assets and custody of offspring. The continued presence 45. Since the texts also refer to divorce proceedings with the 'Daughter of the Great Lady', it was initially assumed that Ammistararu had two unsuccessful marriages with princesses of Amurru. J. Nougayrol published the texts and commentary in this way in PRU, IV, pp. 125-48. 1 as part of The Claremont Ras Shamra Tablets provided confirmation of the equation of the 'Daughter of the Great Lady', the 'Daughter of Bentesina', and the sister of Sausgamuwa.

Queens' are not acting as 'kings' when they are exercising authority as 'queens'. Women who rule as 'kings' receive that title in the ancient texts: Ku-Baba in the Sumerian King List of the third millennium was called LUGAL ('big man') of the city of Kish;7 Hatshepsut, daughter, wife and stepmother of Egyptian kings, also ruled as king of Egypt during the Eighteenth Dynasty (mid-second millennium). Her throne name (Maatkare), her construction of sanctuaries, her claim of divine birth, her serf-jubilee, and her mortuary temple at Deir el-Bahri are evidence of her full accession to the position of king of Egypt.

150-51). 62. 325 (Ugaritica V, pp. 261-64). 63. 244, cited in Aboud, Die Rolle des Konigs und seiner Familie, p. 116. 64. 314, lines 3 and 7 (PRU, IV, p. 189). 65. Key studies on this title include an excursus on 'skn and sknt in den Texten aus Ugarit' in M. Dietrich and O. Loretz, Mantik in Ugarit (ALASP, 3; Munster: UgaritVerlag, 1990), pp. 63-85; MJ. Mulder, 'Versuch zur Deutung von SOKENET in 1 Kon 1 2,4', VT12 (1972), pp. 43-54; O. Loretz, 'Ugaritisch skn-sknt und hebraische sknsknt', ZAW94 (1982), pp.

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