Reynold Feldman's A World Treasury of Folk Wisdom PDF

By Reynold Feldman

ISBN-10: 0062503197

ISBN-13: 9780062503190

An anthology of folks sayings and proverbs from around the globe, prepared in a hundred alphabetized different types for simple reference. This treasury of proverbial knowledge makes a fantastic reward booklet and a convenient reference for audio system and writers.

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Seth said: “Each day when Ra sails his boat below the horizon, he travels through the Underworld. Sometimes the evil snake-god, Apophis, attacks the boat and tries to kill Ra. ” Many of the gods had to admit that Seth had a point. However, Thoth continued to argue that it would be more lawful to award the throne to Horus. In addition, Isis made an impassioned speech on behalf of her son that seemed to make most of the gods sympathize with Horus. Livid with rage, Seth roared, “You sniveling cowards!

One night, when Seth was out hunting birds in the Nile marshes, he stumbled on the coffin, which Isis had hidden among the rushes. The new god-king, who ruled his people harshly, immediately recognized this coffin as the chest bearing his dead brother. Seeing that Isis was asleep nearby, Seth quietly opened the box, removed the corpse, and carried it far away. ” Seth said, and he angrily cut and tore Osiris’s body into many pieces. After he had done this grisly deed, he had his servants hide the pieces all across the land of Egypt.

Finally, Osiris climbed in. He had no idea, of course, that Seth had purposely commissioned the box to fit Osiris’s god-like measurements. ” Osiris happily exclaimed. “See, Seth, how well I fit in here. ” “To the contrary,” Seth chortled with an evil grin. ” Then, suddenly, Seth slammed down the lid, trapping Osiris inside. And while his servants held back the other guests, Seth poured melted lead over the chest, sealing it and killing poor Osiris. The conspirators then carried the box, which was now a coffin, to the Nile and threw it in.

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