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Even though most sensible identified at the present time for his previous English homilies, the Anglo-Saxon pupil ?lfric additionally composed, in a "letter" to his fellow priests, a collection of Latin liturgical directions that supply a unprecedented glimpse of what traditional priests have been anticipated to grasp and do. This ebook incorporates a re-creation of the Latin textual content with a serious gear, and the one whole English translation. statement and titanic introductory chapters determine the letter's extraordinary value for our realizing of past due Anglo-Saxon monasticism and liturgy.

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Its absence in (Fa) and lack of a gloss in (Ti) suggest to her that the phrase was not part of the `original' text. The three álfrician texts also exhibit strong similarities in their restatement of the ®nal provisions about placing the particle of consecrated bread (or sanctum) in the chalice and about the order of communion. All three agree against the source by: (a) using a single verb in place of the compound predicate sumat . . et ponat of the ®rst sentence; (b) using a single verb and compound subject in place of the plural verb 26 Structure and sources Though so close a comparison is neither possible nor warranted in every instance where the LME and pastoralia overlap, the preceding examples demonstrate the risks in drawing conclusions about álfric's exemplar solely from a comparison of the LME and extant manuscripts of the Concordia.

Given the sheer number of activities and the author's expectation ± apparent from the amount of detail he provides42 ± that some of these will be unfamiliar to his audience, this plan buckles under its own weight. From the maze of detail no clear view of the horarium's structure emerges. The LME does not wholly escape the consequences of this disorienting arrangement,43 but álfric does manage to unravel and follow the relevant threads with some consistency. 44 Although the preface states that the Eynsham monks do not 39 40 41 42 43 44 they shall celebrate the mass of the day and, when that is ®nished, chant None.

5 The LME repeatedly reminds its readers of this textual dependence by introducing quotations or paraphrases of the Concordia with tags such as `consuetudo: . ' or 3 4 5 The tripartite structure was pointed out by Gatch, `The Of®ce', pp. 348±9. These divisions are indicated in the manuscript by the use of coloured initials (the ®rst letters of LME 1, 2 and 70) and rubrics (`Finiunt consuetudines' at the end of LME 69). The only other use of colours in the entire text is in LME 69, with the heading `Oratio pro defuncto fratre' in red and a green initial in the prayer `Satisfaciat'.

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