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By G. Martin

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ISBN-13: 9781403966346

Focusing on person political thinkers and starting with indigenous African political suggestion, the e-book successively examines African nationalism, African socialism, populism and Marxism, Africanism and pan-Africanism, concluding with modern views on democracy, improvement and the African state.

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After his death in 1864, ‘Umar was succeeded by his son Ahmadu Sheiku (1864–93), who consolidated the empire and established its capital in Segu. As central power began to disintegrate, the empire progressively split into a number of autonomous provinces under various sons and nephews of ‘Umar who paid titular allegiance to Ahmadu. 50 The Islamic Theocratic States and Indigenous Beliefs and Institutions in the Western Sudan The nineteenth-century Islamic revival in the Western Sudan generally took the form of a militant, messianic movement in which a prominent Fulani Muslim cleric/theologian is invested by the highest religious authority with the duty to wage a holy war (jihad) against the “infidels” and establish a Th e I n f lu e n c e o f I s l a m i c Va lu e s a n d I d e a s 39 centralized theocratic state ruled by shari’a law.

Rather, a less advanced people with rising ‘asabîyah typically takes over the state and changes its manner of life—albeit temporarily. Eventually they also will generate the same processes that led to the decline of the state they conquered. Note that Ibn Khaldûn rejects the view that former nations were better endowed for achieving a high civilization than contemporary nations. 44 Ibn Khaldûn’s main purpose is to explain the rise and fall of the various civilizations and states that have emerged and disappeared in medieval North Africa.

Thus one may safely assume that the centuries-long presence and missionary activities of these merchants in the most important Western Sudanese centers exercised a profound religious influence on the local people, with the local traders—such as the Dyula, the Soninke, the Hausa, and the Dyakhanke—being the first converts to Islam. In general, this early Islam in the Western Sudan was of a “mixed” nature and contained many elements of various pre-Islamic faiths, including remnants from Berber and other indigenous African religions.

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