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Книга Air Defence platforms. Export Catalogue Air Defence structures. Export Catalogue Книги Вооружение Автор: Rosoboronexport Год издания: 2003 Формат: pdf Страниц: a hundred and five Размер: 2.15 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:The catalogue comprises concise facts on either newly-made and modernised air defence gear divided into the next sections:missile and artillery structures; surveillance; command and keep an eye on structures; digital battle; intelligence and communications structures; try out variety apparatus.

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The radar has an all-weather capability and R O S O B O R O contents N E X P O R T 45 contents PROTIVNIK-GE SURVEILLANCE RADARS Track Data Processing Radar Mission Features The Protivnik-GE 3D decimetric-waveband track data processing radar is designed to detect, determine coordinates and track strategic and tactical aircraft, ASALM-type missiles, small-size low-speed aircraft; classify and identify them as friend or foe; to take bearings of jamming sources; to designate targets to fighter aircraft and air defence missile systems.

The Tunguska-M1 is a state-of-the-art mobile short-range air defence asset capable of defeating aircraft, helicopters (including hovering and pop-up ones) and low-altitude air Composition The Tunguska-M1 system includes combat, maintenance and training assets. Typical set of combat assets of the system consists of: • 2S6M1 anti-aircraft self-propelled mounts; • 9M311-1M surface-to-air missiles in transport-launch containers, eight missiles on each SPM; • ammunition allowance of 30mm rounds. Basic specifications Max target detection range (by target acquisition radar post), m 18,000 AA gun engagement envelope, km: altitude 0 – 3,000 range 200 – 4,000 SAM engagement envelope, m: altitude 15 - 3,500 range 2,500 – 10,000 Ammunition load, rounds/missiles 1,904 / 8 AA gun calibre, mm 30 Number of twin-barrel AA gun mounts 2 Cumulative rate of fire, rds/min up to 5,000 Air target speed, m/s up to 500 Reaction time, sec less than 10 Max external target designation communications range, km up to 5 Into/out-of-action time, min not more than 5 Loaded AA SPM weight, t not more than 35 Crew, persons 4 34 R O S O B O R O The maintenance assets include: • AAGMS maintenance and repair assets and automated integrated missile test equipment; • missile/round storage, transportation and loading means; • group and repair SPTA sets for all elements of the system.

If the modernisation is carried out along with the renewal repair of the nonmodernised equipment of the PRV-13 radar altimeter, its operating life is restored to at least 80% level. Thus, the modernisation allows to create practically new, modern radio altimeter capable of performing airspace control missions. The PRV-13 radar altimeter modernisation is to improve its tactical and technical characteristics and extend service life, namely: to increase target acquisition range by augmenting receiver sensitivity, to enhance protection against passive interference, clutter, meteorological ghosts and their combinations with non-synchronous pulse jamming, to increase reliability characteristics, and to reduce power consumption.

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