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By Lt. Col., USAF, William F. Andrews, Air University Press

ISBN-10: 1410212319

ISBN-13: 9781410212313

Colonel Andrews concentrates on tactical innovation in the course of struggle. He examines the level to which USAF doctrine ready the U.S. vital Command Air Forces (CENTAF) for its undertaking opposed to the Republican protect Forces Command (RGFC). He describes how CENTAF adjusted air operations opposed to Iraq's RGFC within the 1990-91 invasion of Kuwait. CENTAF instituted six major tactical strategies in a single week that required its aviators to create new strategies in the middle of strive against operations. Colonel Andrews evaluates these options simply because they enabled CENTAF to meet theater ambitions. He recommends that the Air strength establish capability to degree air operations opposed to land forces in the course of peacetime as the press of warfare doesn't offer time for mirrored image and research.

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The general underappreciation of the deception problem appears to have inhibited innovations to deny its effects (orientation on the problem is a necessary condition for successful adaptation). Those most familiar with the Iraqi deception efforts were the A-10s pilots. To counter Iraqi deception, the wing commanders offered the following suggestion. “We’re hurting him but feel we could be doing it better through mass and concentration of effort. . We feel we need to pick the most lucrative areas at least one day in advance from all sources of intel (imagery immensely improves effectiveness—reference A-10 SEAD results); preplan 48 ANDREWS concentrated, multiple aircraft raids against those areas; strike until those two or three are sanitized with the most penetrating weapons available and then move on.

77 Days later the theater CINC, General Schwarzkopf, identified the Republican Guard as an Iraqi COG and directed the air planners to incorporate operations against them in a four-phased theater air campaign plan. 78 Operations against the Republican Guard were concentrated in the third phase (attacks on the Iraqi Army) that would follow strategic air efforts (phase I) and a short operation to secure air superiority over Kuwait (phase II). Phase IV, a ground attack into Iraq and Kuwait, would hinge on the satisfactory completion of phas e III.

160 Several A-10 missions hit Iraqi radars beyond the border on the first day of the war, and A-10s were used deep over the largely undefended west Iraqi desert in a search for Scuds, but use of the A-10 deep behind the lines in the KTO was unexpected. On 27 February the commanders of the A-10 wings at King Fahd Air Base were told by General Glosson to prepare for attacks against the Tawakalna Division, located more than 50 miles behind Iraqi lines. 161 43 CADRE PAPER Approaching the new tasking with caution, the A-10 mission planners obtained target materials through unofficial contacts and implemented innovative tactics to increase effectiveness and minimize risk.

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