Philomen Probert's Ancient Greek Accentuation: Synchronic Patterns, Frequency PDF

By Philomen Probert

ISBN-10: 0199279608

ISBN-13: 9780199279609

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ISBN-13: 9781435623828

The accessory of many Greek phrases has lengthy been thought of arbitrary, yet Philomen Probert issues to a couple awesome correlations among accentuation and a word's synchronic morphological transparency, and among accentuation and note frequency, that supply clues to the prehistory of the accessory process. Bringing jointly comparative facts for the Indo-European accentuation of the suitable different types with fresh insights into the results that lack of transparency and be aware frequency have on language swap, Probert makes use of the synchronically observable correlations to bridge the distance among the accentuation styles reconstructable for Indo-European and people at once attested for Greek from the Hellenistic interval onwards.

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22–3 with n. 19. 8 Introduction Traditionally, ‘accent’ referred to any kind of phonetic prominence making a syllable stand out from those around it, and was also used more narrowly as a synonym for ‘word accent’, a phonetic prominence attaching to one syllable in a word. Two types of accent were distinguished, some languages having ‘pitch accent’ and others ‘stress accent’, also called simply ‘stress’. The ancient Greek accent was regarded as a pitch accent, and so one might refer to it with the term ‘accent’ (a cover term for ‘pitch accent’ and ‘stress accent’) but not with ‘stress’ (which only meant ‘stress accent’).

A further terminological (and linguistic) peculiarity should be mentioned in connection with suYxes. On p. 64 I speak of the accusative plural ending -ïıò of ºØªıæïýò ‘shrill’ (acc. pl. ) and the genitive plural ending -øí of ºØªıæHí (gen. pl. ), noting that the ending -ïıò takes an acute accent if it is accented at all, while -øí takes a circumXex if accented at all. But on pp. 117, 149 I treat ºØªıæüò ‘shrill’, with its various forms for diVerent cases, numbers, and genders, as if it contained a suYx -æï- alternating with -æïı; -æø-, and so on, and have occasion to note that the derivational suYx -æï- is often accented where it is the last derivational suYx in a word.

Those that are most likely to be unfamiliar are explained when they are Wrst introduced, but for ease of reference these, as well as some more widespread terms that are not explained in the text, are included in a glossary of technical terms (pp. 412–16). I have generally followed LSJ when glossing single Greek words; all translations of actual Greek sentences are mine. I make occasional use of the gender-neutral pronouns ‘he’ and ‘his’; I belong to those whose linguistic prejudices are oVended by any of the other possibilities.

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