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The publication bargains with theoretical and experimental learn of antennas. The presentation is predicated at the electromagnetic conception. It starts with the idea of skinny antennas. skinny antennas signify one of many major varieties of radiators, therefore the speculation of skinny antennas is the foundation of the antennas research.

Special cognizance is paid to the imperative equation of Leontovich-Levin for a present alongside a directly thin-walled steel cylinder, that's corresponding to the equation of Hallen with an actual kernel. including the research of assorted sorts of antennas, the e-book bargains with the issues of synthesis together with the construction a wide-band radiator by way of picking of the kinds and the magnitudes of centred a lot, that are hooked up alongside a linear radiator and create in a given frequency band excessive electric functionality.

Problems of antenna engineering are mentioned within the moment half the e-book, together with the result of program of a reimbursement process for the safety of people opposed to irradiation and structural positive factors of send antennas.

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Input impedance is given for four variants of the arm length. e. it varies with the frequency. Such parameters adopted for ease of comparison of the input impedance with results of other authors collected in [16]. 1 as the results of solving equation of Leontovich-Levin. The methods used by different authors at different times have been seriously substantiated. The equation of Leontovich-Levin is the most rigorous variant among 36 Antenna Engineering: Theory and Problems integral equations of the theory of thin antennas.

The solution is sought in the form of expansion into a series in powers of the small parameter c: J(z) = J0(z) + c J1(z) + c 2J2(z) + … . 16) È d 2 V ( J n - 1 , z) 2 ˘ -4p jweW ( Jn -1 ) = - Í + k V ( J n - 1 , z )˙ . 2 dz Î ˚ In the first approximation the current at an arbitrary point of the radiator is J1 ( z) = j e sin k ( L - z ) . 17) It is easy to make sure that the input impedance of the antenna in this approximation is ZA1 = –j60 c–1 cot kL. 18) It has only the reactive component. It coincides with the input impedance of the equivalent long line, whose wave impedance is equal to 60/c.

8 The circuit of radiator p with serial connection of elements. 6 LOSS RESISTANCE IN THE GROUND As already mentioned, the theorem about the oscillating power has significantly changed the understanding of the induced emf method. The losses of asymmetric vertical antenna in an earth and ground are another example of this change. It is presented in this section. For a long time the calculation of losses in the ground was carried out according to the procedure of Brown [20]. 9) is virtually identical to a magnetic field of an antenna, located above a perfectly conducting ground, and its strength is equal to a density of a surface current in the ground: jr (r) = Hj0(r).

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