Association Football: A Study in Figurational Sociology by Graham Curry, Eric Dunning PDF

By Graham Curry, Eric Dunning

ISBN-10: 1138828513

ISBN-13: 9781138828513

This e-book offers a synthesis of the paintings on early soccer undertaken by means of the authors during the last 20 years. It explores features of a figurational method of sociology to envision the early improvement of soccer ideas within the center a part of the 19th century. The publication assessments Dunning’s prestige contention speculation to contest Harvey’s view of football’s improvement which stresses an influential sub-culture outdoors the general public faculties. prestige competition re-states the primacy of those latter associations within the development of soccer and with no it the sport’s tale may stay skewed and unbalanced for destiny generations.

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As a result, the basic game-pattern – the character of these folk games as struggles between groups, the open enjoyment in them of excitement akin to that aroused in battle, the riotousness, and the relatively high level of socially tolerated physical violence – was always and everywhere much the same. In short, these games were cast in a common mould which tended to transcend differences of names and locally specific traditions of playing. The cultural marginalisation of folk football Before we move our narrative and explanation on to the crucial part played in the development of football in the public schools, it is, we think, a matter of importance to consider the contention that these folk games died out, or were at least culturally marginalised, during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Noting the existing parallels between the folk football of England and France, Jusserand suggested that they must have had a common origin. And since the records go back further in France than in England, he concluded that football must have originated in France and been brought to England by the invading Normans in and after 1066. If Jusserand is correct, it is more than a little ironic for he will have proved the French origins of what is widely regarded as having been an originally English sport.

2 indicates, their fellow public schools were positively tardy in the publication of their rules. Furthermore, Dunning’s original use of the concept of ‘status rivalry’ involved the suggestion that, in issuing rules in 1849, which were in many senses directly opposed to Rugby’s written regulations of 1845, the Eton boys were deliberately attempting to challenge a school which they believed to be an obscure, upstart institution located somewhere in Middle England. At that time, much as now, the Eton boys firmly believed that their school was superior to Rugby in every respect, academically as well as in sporting terms.

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Association Football: A Study in Figurational Sociology by Graham Curry, Eric Dunning

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