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ISBN-10: 8173710090

ISBN-13: 9788173710094

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Dr. Stekowski says Harel was last connected with the dwarf fauna thing that Britain, Israel and Greece are collaborating in on Cyprus and Crete — hippopotami, elephants, that sort of thing — and God knows Stekowski’s original felid project could’ve posed no slightest threat to them or their goals. Oh, sure, there could’ve been dwarf forms of smilodon and the related types, but none have ever been found in fossil form. Indeed, the closest thing to a dwarf of this kind was just recently pried out of a glacier in the Canadian Rockies — a strange beast, looking much like the Homotherium, but smaller, more lightly built, and with digitigrade rather than plantigrade hind feet, Panthera feethami, they’re calling it.

At one hundred and fifteen dollars and fifty-five cents per minute? He doesn’t hear very well, does he? Well, I’ll bring this to a screeching halt. You folks wait here. ” From the window of the corridor, he saw the still, shaggy mound of the wisent carcass near the edge of the side parking lot. The black buzzards were already circling lower and lower over it. On a sudden impulse, he deliberately bypassed the door to Harel’s office and made his way all the way back, to the shop area. There he found the two men for whom he was searching.

They’re no longer at all accustomed to truth-saying and honesty over there, you see, and they’re therefore scared to death of anyone who is capable of speaking out bald facts and, more, of anyone who does so. Your encounter with Henshaw rattled not a few cages, and the intent is to make you pay dearly for such temerity, such unbridled honesty. But I just may be able to pull you out . . with your cooperation, of course. ” Chapter VI In the dank little underground room, James Bedford’s sometime private office, now lit brightly by a gasoline lantern as ancient as the other artifacts cluttering the space, Milo set bis eyes once more to the laminated pages of Redford’s personal journal.

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