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This publication is the 1st finished therapy of the phonological method of Basque to be had in English. Basque is a morphologically wealthy and reasonably standard language with a couple of lively phonological ideas which are constrained to yes morphological environments. furthermore, it has a excessive measure of dialectical fragmentation. those features of Basque make this language an exceptional try out flooring to enquire the interplay of phonological ideas either with one another and with morphological strategies, which the writer does in the Lexical Phonology framework. the results of rule interplay on characteristic geometry are an enormous obstacle - how phonological operations adjust underlying constructions and the way the buildings created by means of one phonological rule can function enter to different ideas. those results are tested in a research of the really odd behaviour of Basque affricates. one other zone which calls for specific cognizance, and during which Basque dialects fluctuate generally, is prosody. besides stress-accent platforms of alternative varieties, Basque additionally possesses pitch-accent or limited tonal structures in a few of its western dialects. This e-book can be of curiosity to complicated scholars and academics of linguistics, particularly Romance linguistics and lexical phonology.

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18 A set of systematic exceptions to the rule of Low Vowel Assimilation is constituted by instances where the possible target low vowel is long. Long or geminated faa/ fails to undergo Low Vowel Assimilation both morpheme-inter nally, and in inflectional morphology: (46) 45 ' to win , earn' 'day before yesterday' [mendijaan] fmendi-aan/ 'of the mountain' [e5kubaaki] /esku-aaki/ ' with the hand' [menditaaJlo] fmendi-ta-a-]lo/ ' up to the mountains' [iraaS"i] [iaanon] Given the fact that in Arbizu the rule of Low Vowel Assimilation (rule (39) above) requires a following consonant, an e~planation fo_r the absence of assimilation in (46) would be that the posstble target fa/ ts not followed by a consonant but by a second vowel fa/.

E sku a cr cr I (I /I cr cr -+ ~"Vs :v/te5kuuaJ Being in onset position, the liJ or [1}] thus created will be hardened , and dialect-specific redundan cy rules will apply to give the different 'hardened glides' (cf. Kamprat h (1986)) [j], [j], [z] , [s) and [w], [{3), [b) that obtain in different dialects. Spanish dialects also have similar rules of glide consonan tization in onset position (cf. : [leUf[lejes], [le:Zes] 'law'/ 'laws' . Secondary high vowels created by Mid Vowel Raising do not trigger Consona nt Insertion .

53) fbuuf [buuba] [buubek] [buuben] [buuba\,1] In many central and western dialects a consonan tal segment is inserted after a high front vowel which is immediately followed by another vowel. Th~ precise phonetic realization of this consonan t varies. In many Gmpusco an dialects, it is usually a palatal fricative UJ. In Biscayan and some. g. g. Markina , Ondarroa ) are found. fthe~e dialects the behaviou r of the front high vowel is paralleled by the msert10n of [J3] or [w] between a high back vowel and another adjacent vowel.

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