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By Judith Berman

ISBN-10: 0441013902

ISBN-13: 9780441013906

While a twelve-year-old wakes up as a human girl-instead of a bear-one cloudy morning, she embarks on an exciting trip via either mortal and immortal mend her prior, face her fears, and keep all the geographical regions during which she treads.

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Oh, my baby, my little girl,” Thrush said over and over, weeping, and Cloud started to cry, too. They sat side by side on a log, while Glory and Thrush’s single attendant, an elderly slave woman, moved slowly through the swamp picking cranberries. “How I’ve wanted to see you,” Thrush said, hugging Cloud to her side, stroking Cloud’s hair. Cloud buried her face in Thrush’s shoulder. She tried to absorb everything at once: the warmth of Thrush’s embrace, 42 JUDITH BERMAN the touch of her hand, the smell of sweetgrass and mockorange in her hair, the old scars on her slender wrists—the only defect marring her mother’s perfect beauty.

When he thumped it on the planks at his feet, the crowd stilled and heads swiveled toward him. “Welcome, my friends,” he began. And Rumble embarked upon a long oration. What with its ornate rhetorical flourishes and Rumble’s terrifying nearness, Cloud soon lost the sense of it. Instead she studied Rumble; she had never before had a quiet mo­ ment to do so. He was magnificent today in a long woolen tunic and leggings, a fringed woolen robe, and a crown shining with abalone and copper. He was of medium height, but the tunic strained across his muscular chest and powerful arms, and the hand that gripped his staff, pound­ ing it against the floor every now and then for emphasis, was large and strong.

After today, she might never see her mother again. Thrush walked slowly, an exquisite beauty. In her bluedyed dress and her feather-trimmed mantle, she outshone every high-caste lady in the hall. But she looked sad. She did not glance at Rumble as she passed him, did not gaze at the crowd or anywhere else. The fire was so bright that Cloud could see what looked like dirt or bruises shadowing her scarred, slender wrists. Behind Thrush came her young son in a crown and out­ size woolen robe, and behind him walked Aunt Snow, Rum­ ble’s aunt.

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