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By Frederick A. Johnsen

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Filled cover-to-cover with classic pictures, drawings, exploded perspectives, and excerpts from formerly "secret" and "restricted" technical manuals. Emphasizes distinct, groundbreaking, and technical features. comprises infrequent pinball tech info, cockpit photographs, laminar wing of the P-63, Russian export types and P-39 tumbling problems.

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This is the reason that low RPMs were necessary on the later airplanes when in flight, than with the airplanes that had been in service for as much as 369:45 hours'; wrote civilian technical representative B. 21 Examples of technical feedback on P-39 operations make one thing clear: Dedicated technical representatives and mechanics leaned forward to meet any challenges sent their way by the fortunes of war, and by their compact Airacobra fighters. Even this P-39Q-5 (42-20407) received a mottled camouflage scheme with light wavy undersurfaces, not typical for production Airacobra colors.

Fornoff, Bell Aircraft service division manager,22 November 1942. 3 Ibid. ' Report (not numbered), Bell technical representative Irving H. Rix to AL. Fornoff, Bell Aircraft service division manager, 7 December 1942. 5 Report No. S, Bell technical representative John R. Baughman to AL. Fornoff, Bell Aircraft service division manager, 25 November 1942. · O'Connor,Jr. to AL. Fornoff, Bell Aircraft service division manager, 30 November 1942. L. Fornoff, Bell Aircraft service division manager, 11 December 1942.

While shallow snow appeared to offer no surprises during takeoff, the ski P-63 could be a handful in deep snow, according to the report: "Deep snow tests indicated that the nose ski was too heavily loaded. On takeoff it was impossible to hold the airplane in a straight path against the torque of the engine and a wide sweep to the left accompanied the ground run. "18 Improvising, the testers removed all runners from the bottom of the Kingcobra skis, save one l8-inch runner on the right main ski.

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