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While Papa makes a decision to wash the home, he approximately destroys it instead!

whilst Cousin Bertha's first cub seems to be twins as a substitute, Mama endure hurries off to aid out the recent mom, leaving Papa endure in control of the home. constantly confident—and continually clumsy!—Papa has plenty of principles for making improvements to the home tasks. however the colossal cleanup aren't as tidy as he expects.

Beating the rugs outdoors will get dirt everywhere in the laundry. His recognized honey-mustard pancakes prove caught to the ceiling. And while he makes a decision to hot the home up with a pleasant homey fireplace, he nearly burns the genealogy to the floor! If Brother and Sister attempt as demanding as they could, they may get the home mounted up ahead of Mama returns—as lengthy as Papa endure remains out in their way!

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44 “Forrest was right,” Ben whispered to himself. “This building is abandoned. ” Suddenly Ben felt something scurry across his foot and he jumped. “It’s just a rat,” he said to himself, looking down. The dirty rodent squealed and darted through the open door and out into the alley. “Relax, Summers,” Ben told himself. Pulling the door open farther, Ben stepped inside. ” he said. He heard laughter, but it wasn’t Kaya’s happy laughter. This laughter came from a man, and it wasn’t happy. It sounded to Ben like mocking and mean laughter.

He dove back into bed. “Sorry, Kaya,” he whispered to himself. ” Forrest said when the two of them reached the front door to the youth center the next morning. The River City Youth Center was a big brick building attached to the back of the church. A few kids around Ben’s age were hanging around out front. Ben could hear yelling and laughter coming from inside. 58 “I’ll be fine,” Ben told his brother. ” Forrest rolled his eyes. “Like I want a job,” he said as he walked off. Ben thought his brother looked miserable in his Sunday clothes on a hot Monday morning.

A few even littler kids were running around, screaming and laughing. 59 60 “Feel free to look around, or join in any of the games,” the preacher said. Then he walked away. Ben watched him walk through the door that connected the youth center to the church. Ben wondered if there would be any adults at the center at all. It seemed like the whole room was full of kids. Then he spotted a woman helping a small boy play with some blocks. She looked familiar. After he thought about it for a few seconds, he realized that she was the woman who the preacher had comforted during the church lunch.

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